Ick! Ouch! OMG! Your body can surprise you in all sorts of ways post-childbirth. Are you ready? Check out these curated sites and resources for a speedy, healthy and happy recovery!

Exclusively Pumping

Must-Have Tech & Accessories for the Exclusive Pumpers

Aside from the actual pumping itself, it involves preparing bottles, bottle-feeding your baby, washing bottles and pump parts, caring for your breasts/dealing with bouts of clogged ducts and mastitis, and managing your stash of expressed breast milk. Below are some must-have tech and accessories that could make your life as an exclusive pumper more manageable. Hands-free… Continue reading Must-Have Tech & Accessories for the Exclusive Pumpers

Exclusively Pumping

Dealing with the Unpleasantness in Exclusively Pumping

There are five main "problems" to watch out for or deal with if you exclusively pump: Painful nipples Dealing with painful nipples is challenging especially since when you are exclusively pumping, you have to keep on a schedule to keep up the milk supply. As a result, rest is not an option. These articles list… Continue reading Dealing with the Unpleasantness in Exclusively Pumping

Exclusively Pumping

Exclusively Pumping Support Groups

Exclusively pumping is hard enough, but it shouldn't have to be lonely. The key is having a great support system and sometimes that might come in the form of an online support group. Below are a few support groups that we recommend. Exclusively Pumping Moms PRIVATE GROUP This is the largest Facebook group that is… Continue reading Exclusively Pumping Support Groups