Exclusively Pumping: Increasing Supply and Staying Healthy

There are a lot of nay-sayers when it comes to exclusively pumping.

“You are crazy to try it.” “You will never be able to get supply up.” “Even if you do, the quality is not the same.”

To combat this negative energy, you must educate yourself on this topic and discern for yourself what is true and feasible.

What To Eat

  1. Barley. As the richest dietary source of beta-glucan, barley is a polysaccharide that can increase
  2. Fennel + Fenugreek Seeds. This vegetable contains phytoestrogen which is believed to help with milk production. If you are not typically a fennel eater or have never tried fennel raw before, this is your chance! Simply toss with some grapefruit and orange, along with some good olive oil, and you are good to go! This product can be found anywhere at your local grocery store. **Eat with moderation and track your milk output. Too much fennel / fenugreek seeds can lead to supply drops as well. Everything about Fenugreek here.

What To Drink

What To Do

What to Use


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