Exclusively Pumping

Dealing with the Unpleasantness in Exclusively Pumping

There are five main “problems” to watch out for or deal with if you exclusively pump:

Painful nipples

Dealing with painful nipples is challenging especially since when you are exclusively pumping, you have to keep on a schedule to keep up the milk supply. As a result, rest is not an option. These articles list some of the most common issues and solutions.

Ten ways to prevent and treat sore nipples

Exclusively pumping and nipple pain

5 things that cause nipple pain while pumping breast milk

Thrush while pumping

Thrush is a fungal infection (also known as yeast) that can affect both you (on your breasts) and your baby (in the mouth). Learn about the signs & symptoms as well as treatment for both you and baby.

Thrush while pumping – what is it & how to get rid of it

Blocked Milk Duct

Why might milk ducts become blocked and how to prevent and treat them when they do:

What it is and how to prevent and treat it

Breast Engorgement

What causes your breasts to engorge, fill up with milk, tingle, ache, harden, and feel like they’ll burst any second, and what can you do for breast engorgment relief?

Engorgement relief when milk won’t flow

Tips to relieve engorgement (includes a video)


When engorgement is not treated, it can sometimes lead to mastitis — a painful inflammation of the breast.

Everything to know about mastitis

At the first sign of mastitis, massage and apply breast compression


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