Exclusively Pumping

Exclusively Pumping Support Groups

Exclusively pumping is hard enough, but it shouldn’t have to be lonely. The key is having a great support system and sometimes that might come in the form of an online support group. Below are a few support groups that we recommend.

Exclusively Pumping Moms PRIVATE GROUP

This is the largest Facebook group that is dedicated to exclusively pumping moms. There are almost 17k+ members, so the group is very active. The group is perfect for general Q&A and offers a lot of information. When you are up in the wee hours pumping, you’ll find many women in your shoes and can easily strike up a conversation. It’s nice to know that somewhere (in the world), there are other women in your shoes, who understand what you’re going through.

The Exclusive Pumpers

BabyCenter has a group dedicated to exclusive pumping as well. There are over 500,000+ posts about this topic. It is highly likely that the question you have in mind has been asked before, so you can either do a thorough search, or simply add your own version of the question to the huge database.

Exclusively Pumping Mamas

A blog and Facebook group rolled in one. The blog has many helpful articles as well as motivational stories from moms who exclusively pumped and lived to tell the tales.

Local Meetup Groups

If you prefer to get connected with new moms in your local area, local new mom Meetup groups are a great way to start. For example, this Alexandria Pregnant and New Moms Meetup was started a year and a half ago by a new mom and has gained a lot of traction since then! Simply search on the Meetup website to see if a new mom group already exists in your area, and if not, you can easily start one!


Are you personally part of any exclusively pumping support groups? Please share with us your experience by commenting below.



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