Everything About Exclusively Pumping

Exclusive pumping is another option for a mom who want to breastfeed, but who either couldn’t or chose not to nurse her baby.

Sadly, many (including healthcare providers) may insist that “breast is best” and look down on exclusively pumping, “EP-ing”.  As a result, there doesn’t exist as many resources as there are for breastfeeding.

We did a deep dive around the World Wide Web and found some GREAT information on exclusively pumping, scattered about.

Must-Read Articles

Do you have any basic questions about exclusively pumping and don’t know where to start? These curated articles are what we think are the best of the best.

Increasing Supply and Staying Healthy – What to eat, drink and do

The most important thing to increase supply is to pump often. Beyond that, there are little tips that can help. Here, we’ve curated a list of things to eat or buy as well as helpful articles with detailed what to do’s when you find your supply dropping.

Dealing with the Unpleasantness 

Clogged milk duct, engorgement and mastitis, oh my! We’ve found some of the best advices on the web and curated for you some must-know things.

Choosing the Best Breast Pump

Selecting the best breast pump might be challenging as you weigh price versus functionality. To simplify the decision making process, we’ve designed a short quiz that would help us recommend the best breast pumps to you based on your personality, needs and preferences.

Must-Have Tech & Accessories for Exclusive Pumpers

As you immerse yourself into the world of EP-ing, you’ll find that there is a need to get more high-tech (i.e. products or apps). Doing so may certainly make your life easier.

Need support? Join these Exclusively Pumping groups

Pumping need not be a lonely journey – in fact, you’ll be surprised to find that EP-ing is an active group of women across all parts of the world. We bring to you some of the biggest groups in and around the web.


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